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  • Tories promise a stronger Britain and a prosperous future

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  • Tories pledge to reduce Corporation tax to 17 per cent by 2020

Best bookkeeping platforms for a small business


Bookkeeping! That one word that can make the heart of anyone in business sink. It’s not what you started a company to do. In fact, it’s probably the No.1 thing you don’t want to do. But it’s an essential part of running any business. As if you get it wrong it can lose you money, as well as land you in hot water with the HMRC!

Don’t worry, help is out there in the form of a range of online bookkeeping platforms. These have been designed to make life easier for you, taking away all those accounting headaches so you can get on with what you actually went into business to do.

We’ve scoured the internet for you and picked out some of our favourites. And remember, if you’re still as scared of doing the books once you’ve had a look at what’s on offer, you can always get an accountant and just give everything to them.

Best Bookkeeping Platforms:

Sage One

From one of the daddies of big enterprise software, Sage One is designed for the smaller business. It’s not the cheapest out there – though it was half price when this was written – it is a good package and does everything you could want in the way of invoicing, cashflow and payroll. It starts at £20 a month, but like we said, we found it reduced to £10 for a limited period.

Intuit QuickBooks Online

This is a great all-round choice for any small business. It gives you a load of handy features whether you’re a consultant, freelancer, shop or tradesman. Packed with both basic and advanced features it should meet all your accounting need whether you’re just starting out or an established business. Subscription prices start at only £6/month, reduced to £2.99/month for the first six months.


Xero can help you with the likes of invoicing, inventory, payroll and expenses claims. To give you the flexibility to do your books in your local coffee shop, it has an app that works on iPhone and Android. Also, to make life easier for you, it lets you import your banking credit card and PayPal info. It starts at £10 a month, at a reduced to £7.50 for the first three months.


Aimed at freelancers and small businesses, FreeAgent is ideal for such jobs as invoicing, time tracking and expense management. It’ll also give you invoice reminders and pictures of receipts. Plus, when it’s time to do the dreaded tax return it’ll even help you file it. Which is nice of it! Pricing starts at £19 a month for sole traders.

Zoho Books

Lots of people like this one as it is easy to customise. As such, it’s handy for doing invoices and your expenses as well as keeping track of them. Though it doesn’t have a payroll feature (yet) it can connect to your bank account so you know exactly what’s happening at any time and you can integrate it with a load of other handy apps. This is one can be yours from just £6 a month.




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